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Bear is a real cutie. At 11 months old this puppy is very smart and trainable. Bear, aka Ice Bear, is neutered, up to date on shots and house broken.  It only took a few days to housebreak him.  He sleeps in his crate, but it is not his favorite.  He is a cuddle bun, who would rather sleep with his people.  

Bear is a terrier mix who is on the submissive side.  He was previously attacked by a large dog and is getting over his nervousness.  However, now he enjoys chasing the big dog around the backyard in his foster home.  This puppy is good with most dogs and great with kids.  Bear, would do best in an active home with children or someone who is willing to exercise him frequently in order to burn off the puppy energy.   He still needs some leash training and an environment where he can feel safe.  And he loves butternut squash.



In Memoriam

Dazey was a sweet, special needs dog that has been through so much.  We pulled her from the county shelter four years ago.  Then she weighed 65 pounds. Dazey was adopted by someone who ended up neglecting and abusing her.  Eventually she was dumped on the street weighing 41 pounds and mostly blind.

Naturally we took her in, as she was one of ours.  Rosie’s Rescue is committed to taking care of our dogs for life.

Dazey has a severe flea allergy that requires regular flea treatments and weekly baths with a medicated shampoo.  We are lucky and grateful to have a dedicated volunteer who bathes her and transports her to events.  That volunteer became her hospice foster and provided lots of care and love.  We are eternally grateful to Liz Gollner for acting in this capacity.  She is a real angel.  Dazey progressed nicely and was grateful for every bowl of food, every walk, every brushing.  She loved being with people and other dogs at our events.  

After the eight months of the best care possible, Dazey was failing at 15.5 years of age.   Up until the end she was loving and non-aggressive with everyone.  Even when she could no longer stand, I would put my hand down over her head and she would push her head up to say “pet me please”.

She crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 1.  She will be remembered and missed.




Goldie is a 12 pound Chihuahua/terrier mix who was recently relinquished to Rosie’s Rescue.  She and her sister Phoebe were from the same litter and lived with the same family their whole lives.  Both were extremely well taken care of, so no one believes that they are 12 years old.  

Unfortunately the family is selling their home and moving in with an elderly relative that needs care. However, this relative will only allow outside dogs.  Goldie is an inside dog and wants to be part of the family.

Goldie is a little shy at first but warms up and proves to be a lap dog.  She is good with other dogs, kids and is non-reactive to cats. She is doing well in her foster home with kids, cats, dogs and chickens.  Please consider giving this sweetie a home.



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Terry was originally pulled from the county shelter in 2011 at about 8 months of age.  This playful and sociable puppy was adopted that same year. 

Then this July we got a call from the shelter that he was picked up in South Oxnard running loose as a stray.  The adopters never changed his chip to them. 

We always say “Once a Rosie’s Rescue dog, always a Rosie’s Rescue dog.”  Terry came back to us with an ear infection and looking pretty thin.

We networked with Buddy Nation and one of their fosters, Steve Clare, took him on right away.  We want to thank Steve for taking good care of Terry.

Now he has put on weight and his ear infection has cleared up.  For a 9 year old dog, he is lively and active and extremely friendly.  He is good with other dogs and all people and kids. 

Please consider adopting Terry!

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More dogs coming soon


Normally relaxed 12-year old lapdog Goldie becomes playful and energized while chasing a laser.