Relinquish a Dog to Rosie's Rescue


Under the right circumstances, we take in dogs relinquished by the public.  This helps keep our county shelter kennels open, reduces the public tax money needed by the shelter and prevents kenneling stress.  We feel this gives the dogs a better chance at a speedy adoption.  Our ability to take in relinquished dogs is dependent on our available resources including available fosters.  Please respond promptly because available fosters go quickly.  If you have a dog you would like to relinquish to Rosie's Rescue, please contact the director via email at

We do accept owner surrenders on a case by case basis when possible.  However, we do not have a facility so we have to seek a foster for each dog.  

What we need to know is the following information on each dog.

1. Name

2. Age

3. Weight (Some fosters have weight limitations where they live.)

4. Where the dog originated from

5. How long they have had the dog

6. Specific reason on why they want to relinquish.  We give preference to people who have passed away, are sick, have lost their home, etc. 

7. Is the dog spayed or neutered?  We only take in dogs that are, but there are several free or $10 programs that members of the public can use, but not the rescue.  So, we can help broker that if necessary.

8.  Any behavioral issues, for example fear of loud noises or anything that looks like a gun.  Also, compatibility with kids and other dogs or pets.  Honesty is key in this so we can find the right match.

9.  And most importantly, pictures, pictures, pictures.  That is what usually draws in a foster.

Get in Touch to Relinquish

Please let us know what kind of dog you would like to relinquish