What We Do

Rosie's Rescue began by taking in dogs abandoned in foreclosed homes. These innocents were victims of the housing crisis, sometimes left to starve and die.

We still take in owner-relinquished dogs when there is a death or terminal illness or other tragedy. This gives the former owner peace of mind and keeps the dogs out of the county shelter, which frees up space, meaning fewer dogs are put down. This also saves county residents' tax dollars.

Rosie’s Rescue is partnered with Ventura County Animal Services and we obtain dogs from there as well.

Due to the overwhelming number of dogs, the only real way to make progress is through spay/neuter programs and extensive education. Our education program includes that we use teenage interns as staff. They learn about proper dog care, training, legalities, spay/neuter and can then share it in their schools and neighborhoods. Rosie’s Rescue also holds educational events to offer resources to the public.

Our work with students also develops empathy in them. It has been proven that those with empathy for animals will also have empathy for people.

Part of our mission is to network with the county shelter, veterinarians, other rescues, the authorities and anyone concerned about animal welfare.